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29 Mars - 1 Avril 2019


About the Course

The sessions of the rolfing series are not just addressing anatomical structures, but are also speaking to
the primary relationship between being and body.

Even though some structures lie deep in the body, for me 'core' is not some place hidden in the body
which exists in contrast to a periphery. The core is everywhere.

The word "core" is a symbol representing this most basic relationship between being and body.

The workshop will explore this being/body interface, and explore ways of contact and touch that are
appropriate for affecting human change and development.

Your Instructor

Harvey Burns

Even though I have studied many somatic, psychotherapeutic, and energetic disciplines with some of the best teachers in the world my original background takes its roots in music and the arts, with an accent on the creative process itself - not just techniques. I see my body-work and teaching as a logical extension of this same process.

About the Location

In the heart of a picturesque village in La Côte, the small village of Allaman is the home of the Château de
Rochefort. It stands in its heart, and serenely watches over its estate’s four hectares of vines. Located near StLivres, on the North side of the famous Lake Geneva area surrounded by beautiful vineyards.

Harvey Burns
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