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13 Mars - 15 Mars 2020


About the Course

My knowledge and experience qualifies me to guide students in the following domains of our
• How to start the therapeutic process with history taking.
• Seeing and understanding bodies in motion and stillness.
• Rolfing technique and connective tissue work (old -style Rolfing).
• All my knowledge about orthopedic diagnoses like herniated discs, hip and knee
replacement, and other joint pathologies. (I have been working as a physical therapist
for 10 years before becoming a Rolfer, specializing in orthopedic pathology and
severe back problems).
• Nutrition and detoxification - how to recognize unhealthy tissue and what to do about
• Psychological coaching for the practitioner – issues of transference and
• How to work in an economic way as a therapist, without doing too much or too little
(how to avoid burnout).
• Learning to recognize traumatic wounding, depression, anxiety and other
psychological disorders.
• How to structure your sessions and your days of working.
We will use our group wisdom in discovering the best way to serve our clients and ourselves so
that our work stays exciting and inspiring for us.

Payment Information



Please confirm your participation to Anna ( or by
phone (+41 79 69 15 529). Please do not forget to indicate your name, mobile phone,
Mailing address, and email address.


Cancellation fees. The following cancellation fees apply. Cancellation up to 6 weeks
Before start: CHF50. Up to 2 weeks before start: 50% of the full tuition.

Less than 2 weeks before start or no-show: 100% of tuition.

We offer a cancellation insurance issued by our renowned partner Europäische
Reiseversicherung. It covers your cancellation fees (Except for a deductible 20%) in
Case you are not able to attend the training due to significant events like illness, job loss,
Relocation. Please refer to the information for further details.

A minimum number of participants is requested. If this minimum is not reached,
Classes will be cancelled.

Registration: I have read and agreed to the conditions above and hereby register
For the Supervision Workshop by Anna Neil-Raduner in March 2020. In particular
I agree with the cancellation policy and have been made aware of the Europäische
Reiseversicherung cancellation insurance.

Your Instructor

Anna Neil-Raduner

Anna Neil-Raduner would like to share her clinical
experiences of being a therapist for over 45 years. During
all these years she has treated a minimum of 20 clients a
week with both their bodily and structural needs and
psycho-emotional issues.

Anna has been a Rolfer for 33 years, Physiotherapist for 45
years specializing in body-mind connection and trained in
“Somatic experiencing ®” by Dr. Peter Levine. She has
also been a consultant in ortho-molecular nutrition.

Anna Neil-Raduner
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