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October 26th to October 27th 2019


About the Course

This workshop is suited for everybody who likes to explore movement or teaches already a movement technique and wants to discover more in depth their bodies, with their potentials and limitations.
The approach is inspired from the principles of Yoga and Rolfing (Structural Integration). It is not about performance, but about fluidity and keeping the body functional within your very own potential.
You will learn to adapt exercises, every day movements and asanas for different body structures. We will also explore the so called “core”, essential for being connected to the inner-self and to keep the vital energy.

Your Classroom
Get away from the routine, discover our workshop, stay with us! Located near Lake Geneva, St-Livres – a small vineyard village — is a hidden gem.
The Coq Chantant or Chateau de Rochefort offers the perfect setting for a weekend escape.
The calm and serenity creates ideal conditions to learn together and create memories.

Your Instructor

Maira Bliggenstorfer

Maira Bliggenstorfer has been teaching yoga, aerial yoga and movement for the past 13 years.
She shares what she has felt on her own flesh and being by her limitations, physically and mentally. Her approach is authentic, creative and her experience in bodywork gives her the ability to adapt to every
condition a person may have. She is also Rolfer / Structural Integrator, trained by the European Rolfing Association in Munich.
Maira can teach in English, French, German and Spanish.

Maira Bliggenstorfer
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