Anna Neil-Raduner, owner and creator

© 2020 Le Coq Chantant

“Every beloved object (person or place) is the center point of a paradise!”(Novalis)

Even as a child I dreamed of one day opening my own guest house. I was inspired by my grandmother, who was from the French speaking part of Switzerland. As the manager of an enormous farm estate, horse breeder and member of the National Assembly, her husband had little time to travel to far off countries with her. My grandmother therefore decided to bring the world to her, and opened a guest house in the Canton of Schaffhausen, in the Klostergut Paradies. The name says it all, and between 1950 and 1965 my grandmother ran this paradise as a guest house for the company Georg Fischer AG and the Iron Library. Full of pride, she used to tell me how wonderful it was to receive guests from all over the world. The guests came to her, and her world was enriched as a result. One of her favourite and most interesting guests was Winston Churchill.  

Through the power of my vision and with the help of my ancestors, family and friends, I am now endeavouring to create the centre point of a new paradise in the Coq Chantant.


I am extremely excited about it!

You can learn more about me on my Rolfing practice website

Francis Rulence, architect and “good soul” of Le Coq Chantant

© 2020 Le Coq Chantant

As the architect and co-creator of the Coq Chantant I would be delighted to explain more about this beautiful house to anyone who is interested. As an immediateas neighbour, I will sometimes be there to greet guests on their arrival and will also lend Anna and Christa a hand with all the small jobs requiring technical expertise.

Maria Laura, Jackie and Sylvie :cleaning team at Le Coq Chantant

We ensure that Le Coq Chantant is always clean and tidy – so that you feel completely at ease here.

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